Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Battered and cut up by fists

TONIGHT ON CTV, Craig Oliver (video) reported that "The opposition are using their power to control things, to make the Commons, and possibly the country, ungovernable."

Although this story suggests that Liberals are still very much in (or spinning out of) control (via Coyne)
The Liberals choked off an opposition attempt to control the timetable for possibly bringing down the government. They cancelled a so-called parliamentary opposition day on Wednesday in a move foes called a desperate attempt to retain power

IT APPEARS LIKE the only one with freedom are the Liberals. They could keep delaying this opposition days. While reading John Locke's Second Treatise, this related anecdote made me smile:
libertas pauperis haec est:
pulsatus rogat et pugnis concisus adorat
ut liceat paucis cum dentibus inde reverti

"The poor man's freedom is this: battered and cut up by fists, he begs that he may be permitted to return home with a few of his teeth."

::The way things are looking, the Liberals aren't going to have too many seats, cough, I mean teeth, left.::

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Blaino said...

Craig Oliver needs to adjust his medication. He hasn't been able to be objective for years (if ever). Poor fellow....he's too old to apply at the CBC where blatant Liberal support is welcomed and encouraged. There comes a time in every reporter's life that he should just step a way from the microphone...and fade into the sunset. I doubt that will ever happen to our buddy Craig.