Thursday, April 21, 2005

Conservatives up

Conservatives are up almost a full point in the latest aggregate round of polling. Here are the numbers:

Apr-16 27.94 34.25 19.31 11.94
Apr-20 28.33 35.00 17.00 12.00
Gain 0.39% 0.75% -2.31% 0.06%
Sample: 3000


calgarygrit said...

Well, a change like that is very minor and hardly noticeable considering the error associated with these polls.

Still, it shows that the Tories likely do have a 7 or 8 point which is quite remarkable - we likely haven't seen that since 1990.

Harper would be crazy not to go this spring.

Jonathan said...

Well, the error is not as big due to the aggregation. Although you are right, a full point is not much, it is still meaningful, since the Tories were hovering at 30 for the longest time.