Saturday, April 16, 2005

Delayed yet gratifying punchline

Lorne Gunter at the Edmonton Journal

I'm at a loss.
I've been through the Alberta provincial budget with a fine-toothed comb. Put it under the microscope. Shone a bright light on the whole thing.

I've read it cover-to-cover: the budget speech delivered by Finance Minister Shirley McClellan (10 pages), the Fiscal Plan (56 pages), the Capital Plan (16 pages), the Economic Outlook (30 pages), the Alberta Advantage (a 22-page primer on why Alberta is the greatest province in the country), the Tax Advantage (14 pages), the Response to the Auditor General, the results of the It's Your Future survey and the report of the Heritage Fund -- each a part of Wednesday's budget documents and 10, 18, and 16 pages, respectively.

If I'm not mistaken that's 192 pages all together. And yet, despite my voluminous reading, I still couldn't find the one budget item I was looking for -- provincial expenditures on ports.

But there are no ports in landlocked Alberta, you say.

Maybe not. But if there are no ports, where is the Klein government getting the drunken sailors who authorized all the spending in this budget?


norm vep said...

I can't figure out Ralph Klein. He's gone from King Ralph to become a mix of Chretien seeking a legacy and Getty spending every last penny of my tax dollars.
I'm so sick of fairweather spending, be it by NGO's, governments, TWU, families, or non-profit organizations.

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