Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gomery ban lifted

Well, I can now publish legally the damning information in the Gomery inquiry.
Here is the biggest question I have after reading this: How many more proxy Liberal companies are out there giving tax money to the Liberal party??

The testimony implicates Chretien's brother, and Martin's aids. Here is the story:
Top federal Liberal officials forced an ad executive to secretly divert more than $1 million to the party's Quebec wing in exchange for sponsorship contracts, the executive told the Gomery inquiry in politically explosive testimony that had been kept under wraps by a publication ban that was finally lifted Thursday.

Brault's Groupaction firm also defrayed party staffing costs through Liberal employees who were planted in his firm at the urging of party brass.

The scheme went on for nine years and involved at least $1.1 million involving top officials in the office of former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano.

If true, the scam would be unprecedented in modern federal politics because tax dollars were funnelled from public coffers to the Liberal party while middlemen took huge commissions for little or no work.

I'll show the Liberal party the wrath of using my tax dollars to fund their party. I dare them to call a vote.
''We were very heavily solicited,'' Brault recalled last Friday under questioning from lead inquiry counsel Bernard Roy.

''We didn't ask questions and we understood that all contributions were going to be taken into consideration and that we would be compensated (for it) one way or another.''

''I was told the party counted a lot on me and my financial aid,'' Brault recalled.

Meanwhile, it must be noted that this testimony is so damning because of "who knew." The money was not just misused. It was misused to benefit one party and the people of that party. Think of how big it was. A quarter of a billion dollars. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before Paul Martin goes down with the ship. We could very well see the end of the Liberal party as we know it.

Ban breaking
Oh and the website that broke the ban is Captain's Quarters. It is now very famous indeed. When other big figures are going to testify, he hopes to have the scoop on that (due to the future publication ban that will still happen with them).

Nealenews is the Canadian news site in the media which linked to CQ. It looks like the partisan Bourque is miles behind on this story.

Instapundit has a small roundup

The Western Standard thinks this will decimate the Liberals. "Mr. Dithers will become Mr. Dead."

Warren Kinsella is silent, preferring to bask in his own ego.

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