Monday, April 04, 2005

More Liberal Waste

For some reason, I do not feel Canadians are getting value for our money (via Canoe):
A group of MPs studying Canada's prostitution laws is seeking $200,000 in federal funds to visit European cities with red-light zones and legal brothels. The five-member justice subcommittee plans to visit Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden.
While in the US, look how much lawmakers get for $24 million in federal funds (via WashPost)

The watchdog group PoliticalMoneyLine found that lawmakers have logged 701 taxxpayer-funded trips to the United Kingdom since 1994... It was followed by Italy (467), France (409), Germany (395), Belgium (250), Russia (248), Turkey (185), Spain (182), Kuwait (173) and South Africa (166).

In all, the group said, House members and their staffs have spent almost $24 million over the past 11 years on international trips.

Number of total trips: 4691 for $24 Million US. 1 trip for $200,000 Canadian.

Let's do a little math to see what 4691 trips would cost Canadian taxpayers.
  • I think it is fair to assume that for every US trip, approximately 5 members went. That would include lawmakers and staff.
  • Let us adjust the Canadian dollars to US dollars at a very conservative CDN $0.70 cents to$ 1.00US dollar (currently it is 0.84) = $285,700(appx.).
4691 trips would cost taxpayers astonishing CDN$1,340,218,700. That is over 1 billion dollars.

Sure, there are many factors involved. But just look at what the Canadian MPs are spending their money on: $62,840 for transportation, $25,328 for accommodation, $12,000 for food and $43,500 for items like interpretation, official gifts and fees.

$12,000 for food? There are only 5 people going. $43,000 for gifts and interpreters? Are they planning on hiring and housing an interpreter for a year?

To me, based on purely fiscal numbers, is just another way the Canadian government is burning our tax money.

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Christo said...

And I always thought student government was bad with reviewing conference trips...