Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Question period highlights

HARPER MONEY QUOTE:“If it wills to violate the will of this house, it does so at its own peril."


CONSERVATIVES ATTACK TRANSPORT Minister Jean Lapierre. They demanded he resign over lobbying for a contract without registering as a lobbyist.

The attack is not as strong as I would have liked. It was easily refuted by the Transport Minister.

BLOC ATTACKS WITH Kinsella testimony. Questioned David Herle's involvement in Earnscliffe. Liberal replies:

"Time and time again, you will find that your allegations are completely false," - Ralph Goodale.
"The member's statement is totally false" - Paul Martin

I wonder if Liberals actually believe this.

NDP's LAYTON ATTACKS on taking away opposition days. Martin says "it was a very successful day for Canada" - referring to the foreign policy review. Even though that had nothing to do with the question regarding opposition days.

CONSERVATIVES ATTACK with Kinsella via Peter MacKay. Quotes Kinsella. Asks PM to admit that his leadership activity was financed through dirty money. PM replies: "Every single penny that I have used has been fully disclosed."

But uh, if these payments to the Liberals were happening in cash, then uh, it wouldn't be on the record. I think the Consevatives need to point this out.

Ablonzky: Martin sent Boulay's resume to get special treatment in the government. Brison quotes Paul Wells' blog. "They all should be hanging their heads in shame" - Brison referring to the opposition. Ablonzky: "If all the members knew the meaning of shame." Boulay worked on PM's campaign twice. Gave Boulay a personal referral for government contracts.

Monte Solberg hammers Paul Martin. Brison answers for him instead. I guess the Prime Minister is only out for about 2 times in order to give TV a limited amount of clips to choose from.

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