Friday, April 08, 2005

Shockwaves of Gomery

are especially being felt in the editorial pages today, even from the notoriously liberal Toronto Star:
As New Democrat leader Jack Layton put it in Parliament yesterday, some Liberals were "treating the public purse as their private piggybank," if testimony by former ad executive Jean Brault is to be believed.
Until Gomery presents his findings, it would be imprudent to rush to judgment on this sordid affair.
Well, I think the whole waiting thing is kind of silly. I mean, sure these allegations are legally "unproven". But in the minds of the Canadian public, this is just a two part equation:
  1. 1. $250 million of taxpayers' money was lost by Liberal mismanagement.
  2. 2. Some of that money was "mismanaged" back into Liberal hands.
On one hand, it would be silly to have a no-confidence vote based on allegations. However, if they can be confirmed shortly, it would be silly for Canadians to leave the Liberals in a position to "mismanage" more of our money.

It really befuddles me why the Liberals have so much of a grip on Ontario, however. Maybe they are still waiting for the Liberals' "scrap the GST" promise, 12 years later.

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