Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Through the backdoor

It appears as though an election writ could be dropped sooner than May 19. If this motion passes, then the House will be dissolved. One question, aren't all no-confidence motions binding? Reuters with the story:

The Conservative Party will ask a key parliamentary committee to approve a nonbinding motion of nonconfidence in the minority Liberal government, a leading party official said on Thursday.

The measure will be formally introduced into the public accounts committee on May 2 and if approved -- which seems likely -- it would then be voted on by the House of Commons elected chamber within 10 days, Jay Hill told reporters.

Asked whether the Liberals could ignore the results of a full parliamentary vote on what would be a nonbinding motion of confidence, Hill replied:

"If the majority of the members of Parliament elected to the House of Commons voted in favor of nonconfidence, it would be extremely hard for the prime minister to maintain that he had the confidence of the House."

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