Friday, April 29, 2005

U2 and Martin

Blogging has been lite the last week due to my graduation this weekend and also because I have spent all day going to a few U2 shows.

I read this morning on NealeNews that Bono was booed when Martin was mentioned. I was at that show.

It is quite true that he (Martin) was heavily booed just before the song "One." Bono critisized him for not living up to his 0.7 percent of GDP should be foreign aid idea.

However, Martin or Bono was not booed when Martin was mentioned several other times when Bono said that he believed he is a good man and would do the right thing. He was actually cheered. Although it was hard to tell if they were cheering Martin or Bono.

"I told Martin I would be a pain in the ass," Bono. " I suppose this week I became one of many pains in the arse that is ..." - referring to no-confidence measures I am sure.

And the thousands of people who now have his phone number may be too.

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Anonymous said...

Your Bono was booed link points to an article on Tom Cruise. I don't see anything about Bono or Martin there.