Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Alot of people were just not ready to vote" - Chuck Cadman to the CBC after the vote.

"I am bound as an Independent to my constituents."

"Susan I am going to have to cut you off here" says Don Newman.
ON CBC, they SCORE a Cadman interview, but they cut Cadman off to show Paul Martin speaking at a Caucas meeting and raising his hands in glee, cheering himself.

Give me a break, the only reason Martin is fumbling with joy is because of Cadman's vote. CBC, what are you doing?

As to Cadman's comments re: his polling, I live in BC, I would probably say "I dont want an election" to a polling company. I just voted yesterday. Why again?

However, given a chance at taking down the Liberals. Sure, why not?

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