Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Choice Quotes from Belinda

According to Belinda, Paul Martin is incompetent or corrupt! Take your pick!:

Prime Minister Paul Martin was either “…part of the shameful mess or he is incompetent”, referring to the sponsorship scandal.

Thanks to Google, I have uncovered some other really juicy Stronach quotes on the Liberal government.

Here is one a few months ago:

I will promise you this:

As International Trade Critic, I will continue to hold the Liberals accountable for their dismal track record in an area that is vital to this country’s economic health and living standards.

Promise made, promise broken! OR what about this one:

We have a Liberal government stuck in quicksand…and with no plan to get out of it. So they sit there “sinking” (not thinking) and waiting for others to come up with a plan for them.

Fresh ideas, quick action and addressing the long-standing demands of Canadians rarely appear on the agenda.

Does that mean she is also stuck in quicksand too now? I guess now she will be doing what she does best: waiting for others to come up with a plan.

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Tommy Steele said...

These are great. I used a link on my site for this post. It clearly demonstrates how her poltical goals are purely power driven.