Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Hey, I thought today was an election in BC! Paul, you aren't supposed to be offering people cabinet positions? This is why there couldn't be a confidence motion until Thursday (along with the Queen coming tommorrow). You were too busy bribing Opposition MPs.

Belinda has jumped ship today to the Liberals. For a Cabinet post. Wow. That is why it was so important to ignore hundreds of years of Parliamentary tradition. To save Martin's own ass. It is less clear why B.S. (look at that, her initials are BS) jumped on a sinking ship.

This interview on Sunday now becomes curious:

BELINDA STRONACH: Well, I believe there is quite a difference between Paul Martin and I... I also, I also, let me, I also believe in smaller government, and as a Conservative I believe in a smaller government and a more decentralized government. And Liberals believe in slightly larger government, and there's a good saying - that the government cannot give you anything it has not taken from you first. So I do believe in a smaller government, I do believe in lowering taxes and allowing for businesses to invest in this country, and to create employment, and when business does well, Canadians are employed and we do have a higher standard of living.

I have felt for some time that Belinda Stronach just wanted power. It is no wonder she spent a fortune attempting to be leader of the Conservatives. And she sold her political soul to Paul Martin's Liberals after so much ill will towards him in the House.

That makes two potential leadership candidates look like power-hungry mini-Martin's. Oh, and the other is Keith Martin. Ironically, people were saying at the time that both people are incredibly vain.

CAROLE MACNEIL: You've heard the comment that Paul Martin, that you're Paul Martin in a cocktail dress? (laughs)

BELINDA STRONACH: Well, he probably agrees with me that I might look a little better in a cocktail dress.

Paul Wells has this flattering comment:

Belinda Stronach: don't say she never surprised you.

ON THE OTHER HAND, she's absolutely a match for most of the rest of Cabinet in talent and intellect.

As far as its importance in the budget vote, I am not sure how this will play out. It seems like Kilgour is unhappy. Cadman is leaning against it. We'll see if that holds.


Christo said...

There goes Belinda's political career. I really don't know how this helps her gain any credibility. I wonder what people in her riding have to say about this.

karino said...

AHHHH!!!! I can't believe this! I am so disgusted right now!

Is she still dating Peter McKay or was that just a ploy to help her political career too?

Christo said...

Nope, she just broke it off. This seems all so sleazy - http://news.yahoo.com/s/cpress/20050517/ca_pr_on_na/stronach_mackay

karino said...

you've got to be kidding me... SO utterly sleazy. Bah!