Thursday, May 19, 2005

Encomiun Moriae, "In Praise of Folly"

Sometimes, its good to have a little Rex in our diets. Rex Murphy, that is:

Ottawa today is all politics and no government, all partisanship and no purpose. The current spectacle is dissolving respect for parliaments and politics and going some way to dissolving respect for the country both are supposed to serve. Democracy is not a series of one-day deals cut for a spike in the polls or an evening newscast. Mr. Martin can short circuit all of this. His government is now nothing more than improvisation and an hourly calculation. He should resign. We should vote, and Gomery must continue.

Do we WANT an election when it comes down to it?

The polls say Canadians don't want an election. Who does? But a Gomery Parliament is unsustainable, unworkable, and undignified. We may not want an election, but we need one. For "The National," I'm Rex Murphy.

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karino said...

I LOVE Rex! He is the coolest!!!