Friday, May 20, 2005

The Joker

According to an IPSOS poll (pdf via Nealenews), 40 percent think our government is illegitimate after the budget vote yesterday:

"If the opposition and government tie the vote, and the tie is broken in favour of the
government by the Speaker of the house, who is a Liberal" – 60% feel it would be
acceptable for the Liberals to remain in power;

That is an awful lot of people to be thinking that for a vote "won" by the Liberals. That shows, as Martin said, "confidence in the government." I think we should call Martin "the Joker" from now on. Until he wipes that sad nervous smile from his face. And quits making promises he can barely keep.


Anne said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog! Why don't learn Norwegian?:)

Tommy Steele said...

I myself will never be surprised by a politican who can find the good in the results of any poll. Martin is no different. Although, his smile does look a little cracked, doesn't it.