Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The time has no run out. The vote is now. What is being voted on: Bill c-12, C-9, and the Committe Reports No. 13. I suspect that it is the latter that will recieve the most attention.

2:47pm PT: The house looks full. Bustling.

2:48 - If this is merely a procedural motion, then why aren't the Liberals abstaining from this vote?

2:51 - Okay, I switched to CBC from CPAC. All that was going on was the stupid bell going off. CBC host said the bells were going on longer than usual. Kilgour and Parrish will vote with the government. Dave Chaders is here. Conservatives have all 99 MPs here.

CBC host thinks the vote will be 153-150 to recommend the government resign.

IF this is not a confidence motion, why are they getting this many people out for a procedural vote?

2:54 - Roll call.

3:04 - Bill C-9 roll call now. Yawn. There is a certain amount of suspense right now. I don't know why, either. I suspect nothing will come of the vote except more pressure on the Liberals. It is reported that Kilgour will vote with the government on procedural matters, but it's anyone's guess as to whether he will vote with the government on a traditional non-confidence vote.

I don't see why, though. I mean, he left the Liberal party because he, and his constituents, lost the confidence of the government. Why would he prop it up?

3:15pm - Here it is. The Speaker is reading the amendment. The Conservatives applaud when it is read. So undramatic at this point.

3:19 All 99 conservatives vote for the amendment. The Bloc are now voting.

3:21 - 153 people for the motion. It should pass.

3:22 - Switching between CTV and CBC live. Liberals are all voting No to the motion. Still, the amendment passes. It is bitter to see the OTHER Martin from the Island, the one who ran for the Conservative leadership years ago, on the Liberal side. How can people see him as something other than an opportunist?

Vote tally - 153-150. Just as predicted.

Hmmm...now what?

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