Wednesday, May 04, 2005

National Averages

The new aggregate numbers are up. Here are the national polling averages over the last 3 recent polls.

May-03 Aggregate 31.00 33.23 17.92 14.08
May-03 Decima 32 30 20 15
May-03 Pollara 31 36 17 15
Ap.19-21 IPSOS 30 33 17 12

Despite many of the varied poll results, the gap definately is closing between the CONS and the LIBS. Here is my aggregate tracking chart over the past few weeks:

Two things:
  1. The gap between the LIBS and CONS seems to be attributed to the week off where the Liberals were throwing away money and CONS canvassing the community.
  2. The Bloc are actually rising. They have risen a percentage point and a half nationally -- no easy feat for a provincial party.

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