Saturday, May 14, 2005

Next Election

I suppose the Conservatives can now say that the Liberals are a threat
to the Constitution. I would hammer this in the Liberals' face, as
the Liberals did while defending same-sex marriage.


King said...

That's a good angle, I like it. I'd also mention that under the Liberals, support for separation is at an all time high.
Constitution and National Unity, red meat issues.

Blaino said...

I like the angle, but I don't think it will get legs in the next election. In general, Canadians are ill informed on the Constitution and have no idea how the Liberals have threatened it. It will take more to get people to march on Ottawa wearing orange scarfs....leave it up to the Liberanos to spin that strategy against the Cons by making them to blame for what happened. I am incensed at what the Liberals did but I think most people just shrug their shoulders....they just don;t get it.