Tuesday, May 10, 2005

No confidence motion

For those who are stuck at work or somewhere else without CPAC, I will
be "liveblogging" the no-confidence motion that is being put forward
by the opposition at 2:45PT or 5:45ET. A play-by-play deal.

Yes, I know it is not technically a no confidence motion, but I do not
see how a technical non-confidence motion is binding either.

If the government has the confidence of the House, it should be able
to pass a confidence motion. Let's wait and see what occurs.

UPDATE: This BBC story lays it on thick for Team Martin. Nealenews links to it. But wait, its from April 10, 2005. A tad late.

HERE IS A DIFFERENT BBC story which has a good primer/Q&A sort of deal.

Is the government likely to fall, then?

The government has dismissed the motions as "procedural", and says it will continue to govern whatever the result.

Some observers say the Tories do not seem prepared to trigger a parliamentary crisis if the government ignores a vote in their favour.

But whether or not the motions qualify as votes of no confidence, the government may find it increasingly difficult to govern if it loses.

And as Mr Martin has promised to call an election before the end of the year, it seems sure at least that he will not get the chance to complete a full term of office.

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