Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oops Paul Did it Again

It looks like there are some burnt tea on the Hill. And enough to charge a few people in those bribery tapes that have just been released.

On offering Conservative MP Grewal and his wife a Senate seat:

Prime Minister Paul Martin, May 19:
"Offers were solicited, and offers were turned down."
Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh, May 19:
"I'm actually offended he couldn't take no for an answer."

//Yes there was an offer // No, it was not turned
The tape shows this:

Ujjal Dosanjh:
I think what Tim is saying about trust is that most of these things do have our trust and you have to feel comfortable with that and at the end, of course if Chief of Staff say that certain conduct ought to be rewarded in due time that trust is kept 99.9% of the times.

...if there is an arrangement or understanding that we arrive at, we can certainly make that part of the package.

And here is the most damning:

In fact, cabinet can be arranged right away.

Tim Murphy, Chief of Staff at PMO

...we live up to our commitments.... it is better for us and frankly for someone like you to get that reward

This is damning stuff. There is a "package," a "reward," there are "commitments." In other words, Dosanjh was BS-ing. And by extension so was the Prime Minister.

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