Friday, May 27, 2005

Speaking of port...

Hey, it's good to be alive ain't it Mr. Martin? OR as this soldier might say,

"Say, it has now been 2 months and 6 days since anyone shot at me! I think a glass of port is in order."

Hey, its been a few days since I have posted here. I think some port is in order too. Um....but maybe I'll wait a few hours until the morning passes.

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mwj said...

It seems like on the eve of the referendum on the EU constitution in France, the description of Mr. Chirac is strikingly similar to some of our own politicians.

'I would say he is a politician, but not a statesman,' says one former European official. While he credits Chirac with charm, intelligence and an approachable manner, he adds: 'He has no sense of historic purpose. Ask yourself, what has come out of France in the last 10 years?'

Or how about this:

Chirac's political character has been marked by other traits - not least that of swapping ideological horses at moments of convenience. At times he has stood for lower taxes and business privatisation, at others - not least in the 1995 campaign that returned him as President - he has stood on a platform to heal France's 'social fracture', promising to reduce unemployment (which he has failed to do) and cut the deficit. On economic policies he has advocated both laissez faire and state management.

At least Canada isn't the only place where empty promises and pulling a B.S. is applauded by the public. But, perhaps prophetically, it looks like Chirac's time is about up.