Thursday, May 19, 2005

To put things in perspective....

...only 15% of people voted Liberal in the last election in Surrey North -- Chuck Cadman's riding. In fact, more people voted NDP than Liberal, which, I think, is astounding considering the riding -- which is only a few away from my own. 15 percent. I wonder what the other 85 percent think of Cadman's decision. Or the 60 percent that voted Independant/Conservative last election in his riding.

Chuck Cadman IND 15080 43.79% X
Jim Karpoff NDP 8312 24.13%
Dan Sheel LIB 5413 15.71%

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Tommy Steele said...

Actually, Cadman relied on the notion that his constiuents did not want a spring election. Now, admittedly, that is a long way off from supporting the Liberals, but this is what he appealed to when asked of his motives.