Monday, June 20, 2005

Taxicab Getaway

It appears as though Saddam's attempt at escaping US tanks consisted of a taxicar getaway:

According to the author, Saddam told his guards that when the Americans invaded Iraq in March 2003, he “tried to flee in a taxicab as the tanks were rolling in,” and the U.S. planes attacked the palace to which he intended to escape rather than the one he was in, injuring some of his bodyguards.

Saddam also has advice for obtaining the ladies:

O’Shea said when he told him he was not married, Saddam “started telling me what to do.” “He was like, ‘you gotta find a good woman. Not too smart, not too dumb. Not too old, not too young. One that can cook and clean.”’

Then he smiled, made what O’Shea interpreted as a “spanking” gesture, laughed and went back to washing his clothes in the sink.


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