Thursday, June 02, 2005

This pretty much says it all re: the Grewal tapes and the Canadian media. I couldn't have said it better. Way to go Lorne Gunter.

It has to do with the very different standards to which Liberals and Conservatives are held by the punditocracy and editors across the land.

Most people in my profession are entirely uncurious in their approach to the Liberals, completely cynical when it comes to Conservatives. The largest Liberal lapses sometimes cause momentary horror, but that lasts only until the chattering classes have regained their senses. Then they know the Liberals must be forgiven anything and everything lest someone else be given a chance to govern.

This is not a conspiracy, more of a mindset or even just a reflex.

On the other hand, even the slightest misstep by a Conservative is enough to sustain media outrage for days.

Never mind that the allegedly alteration is in just 40+ seconds out of four hours. Reporters won't be too curious whether those are the only 40 seconds (they are not) in which Murphy and Donsanjh engage in questionable behaviour. They weren't really that curious from the start about whether the two Liberals may have violated the Criminal Code's provisions against buying an MP's vote. And now they have an excuse to be entirely uncurious.

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Anonymous said...

I still want to know what was altered and why. Also, WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!? That no one would notice if he just altered the tapes? If you're going to do what he did, you do not touch them in any way.

To me he's looking bad. It doesn't make them good, but it's still bad. I don't want the "less bad". I want good.