Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Among other things...

Mulroney said even British PM Margaret Thatcher was revolted by the Canadian media.

According to the former PM, she once showed U.S. President Ronald Reagan a copy of the Globe and said, "This is what Brian has to put up with. Look at this disgrace. This is Canadian journalism. Look at this disgraceful, putrid newspaper."


Raging Ranter said...

Ha! That's funny. And so true. In Britain, at least the gossip tabloids LOOK like gossip tabloids so you know where it's coming from. Here, we have the Grope & Flail chorus of Liberal cheerleaders publishing a daily campaign brochure for the Liberal Party while mascerading as serious journalists. Putrid indeed.

Ade said...

Raging ranter makes a great point. Who the heck is Thatcher to complain about our papers when her country is renowned for its absolute trash journalism?

If Liberals have the Globe & Mail on their side (I would argue that the Globe is pretty centrist, the Toronto Star is more left than the Globe) then conservatives have the National Post. So why complain? Subscribe to the Post and quit whining.

Raging Ranter said...

Ade, you're right. I did make a great point. And you MISSED it. The G & M is almost every bit as biased and gossipy in its political coverage as the British tabloids are, it just masquerades as a more serious paper. Don't believe me? Read Jane Taber or Gloria Galloway's "investigative" pieces sometime. They are based purely on anonymous sources, gossip, rumours, and outright fabrications.

As far as the Globe being more centre than the Toronto Star, well no shit. Das Kapital is more centre than the Toronto Star.

And the National Post? Well, that FORMERLY conservative paper has become what you might call "centrist". Conservative doesn't exist in Canada's media anymore. Conrad's National Post is now the Asper brothers' "support the status quo" paper.