Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Election 2006: Day 1

A daily roundup of today's action:

  • Paul Martin dropped the writ, and announced Stephen Harper would endanger Charter rights.
  • The Liberals make the worst decision of the already early campaign. They start a blog with Scott Feschuk at the helm. And boy, does he try to be funny:
    "Wow, look at me! I'm in "cyberspace," where no one can hear you scream. Or maybe they CAN hear you scream but they don't pay attention because they're too busy looking at naked ladies. Either way, stop screaming, would you?"
    My money is that he is a plant.
  • Harper's election theme seems to be change.
  • The media also made a mountain out of a molehill after Harper was caught suggesting the pre-existing policy that he would allow a free vote on gay marriage in the House.
  • Harper also dodged a direct question about whether he loved Canada. (this does seem like a ridiculous question, though).
  • Jack is proud of the work he has done so far. Elect MP's so he can continue to be the powerbroker.
Green Party:
  • Their leader was MIA, out of the country.
    "Party leader Jim Harris was in Europe on a paid speaking engagement when the Liberal government fell Monday on a vote of non-confidence."

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