Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Globe and Mail: PM warns against early election

Sometimes I wonder if Paul Martin even believes what his handlers tell him to say. Or even what he himself designs to say.

Today there is a case in point, as reported by the Globe and Mail, et al.

Paul Martin: ”When we're talking about the holiday season, there are other religions that have New Year's at a different date and their holidays at a different date and I think we've got to be respectful of that – the Orthodox Church as an example.”

Martin is basically saying he doesn't want a Christmas election because it might offend some religious groups. This is quite incredulous. Since when has Martin cared about offending religious groups? Certainly not when he pushed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage. Or maybe when his party has threatened to take away charity status for churches (so that they pay tax). Or perhaps when new hate laws could possible jail a pastor for reading out of the Bible?

But no. Out comes that Canadian tolerance we all are slathered with by politicians. Isn't it coincidental that his self interest happens to be allied with this neo-tolerance? Right now, Martin looks calculated, cold, and NOT in control. As he says, "It's up to the opposition. I don't want a Christmas election."

What?! He is the Prime Minister for crying out loud. Arbitrary fate is not in control here. He is doing what any coward leader might do; he is avoiding responsibility for an election. Martin wants to say, "the opposition is making me do this." When in reality, he has a choice to call one later on this year, or now if he wanted.

This is an utter lack of leadership. Take responsibility for your party's failure to address the Gomery scandal, Gun Registry etc.

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triple eprops on the post. Did you send this to the newspapers?