Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Canada Election Poll: Ipsos Reid / Strategic Counsel

Perhaps Michael Ignatieff is successful converting waves of Canadians to the Liberal party. Perhaps it is just pre-Christmas cheer. Whatever it is, the Liberals are still dominating Ontario. The latest poll seat aggregation, between the latest 2 Ipsos polls and the latest Strategic Counsel poll from last night indicate that the Liberal fortunes are dwindling everywhere except for Ontario. If the Conservatives captured as many seats in Ontario as the Liberals are projected to capture (74) in this latest aggregate, they would nearly form a majority government.

Here are the latest polling numbers:

Liberals: 118
NDP: 28
Bloc: 67

The national stage has surely changed with the Bloc being in power. Who knows if we will ever have a majority Liberal government again for some time with the strength of those numbers. On to the debates!


Christo said...

Jono, where can I catch the debates? Do you know if anyone is showing it live online?

Jonathan said...

You can listen to them for sure.

Let me just see about watch.

Jonathan said...

Try and look for a link on the main cbc page.