Sunday, December 11, 2005

Canada: the handgun ban

Is it so hard to admit the obvious?

Today on CKNW, Peter Warren and his guest chose political correctness over an ugly truth. To demonstrate how absurd this choice was, I encourage you to listen to the archives at CKNW on Sunday, Dec. 11 at 11:30am. Essentially, an astute reader asked, "is it a coincidence that Japan has the lowest crime rates in the Industrialized world, considering the fact that they also have the lowest immigration rates in the world?"

The stuttering by Warren's guest could be heard echoing around Vancouver. Confronted with facts that went against his value system of tolerance and multiculturalism, the guest, a doctor, was at a loss for words: "I don't know what to say to that." Peter Warren did, however: "it tars the feathers of every immigrant coming into this country." Sure it does. But the question is, is it justified?

Are ethnic people more likely to commit crimes than euro-centric people? Are a larger portion of gun crimes a result of an immigrant influx?

Such questions are taboo in Canada. They do not get asked seriously. But even more shocking, people do not deserve an answers. People scream that the premise is anti-tolerant, so one must ignore the evidence.

It is odd, isn't it, how tolerance and pluralism only extends to the outward acceptance of tolerance. As far as I am aware, we can poll people on their wealth according to race/ethnicity. But not their crime rates. In Canada, that is taboo.

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