Monday, December 26, 2005

Election Canada 2006: the nasty campaign myth

Like Mark Steyn's explosion of the brutal Afghan winter (scroll down to read), so seems the media's propogation that the 2006 Canada election campaign will turn undeniably nasty:

"Many are predicting the election run will get nasty after Jan. 1, when party leaders are expected to return to full speed campaigning. With the campaign about half over, civility is expected to give way to nastiness."
Of course, they were saying the same thing a month ago. It was "fast approaching then." And it is "fast approaching" now. I don't know, though. The campaign still seems pretty tame to me.


Brandon Erik Bertelsen said...


Understandibly they haven't done much advertising yet. Here's a couple of reasons why.

- It takes time to actually plan or buy media. There is a lot of fanagaling to be done with the various media agencies to actually place one's ad.
- Christmas is an expensive time to advertise. And with a tight budget, you have to be careful how much you spend. Especially, considering that people don't want to see political advertisements during the Christmas season. Do you?

It is much more strategic to concentrate attack ads and the like slightly before the election, which, is when they are most likely to have the greatest effect.

Patrick said...

Still, you might be right - the Liberal war room must be getting exhausted with putting out fires, and arranging for rehabilitations. They might not have the energy to go nuclear.

In today's Globe and Mail, Mike Klander's rehabilitation has already begun:

Liberal spokesperson Heckbert said this about Klander: "Mike has been a long-time Liberal and holds the Liberal values of diversity and tolerance and inclusiveness...."

Apparently, the Liberal value of diversity involves calling someone "the ethnic Rahim Jaffer". Their value of tolerance involves calling people A**holes repeatedly, and referring to them looking gay. And the Liberal value of inclusiveness? Why, that must be Klander's mocking of quadriplegic MPs.