Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Globe and Mail & Income Trust Leak Story

News has just broke that the RCMP will be investigating the Income Trust "scandal." Bourque:
Bourque has learned that RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli has confirmed that the Paul Martin Liberal Government is under a criminal investigation over potential leaks stemming from decisions in Finance Minister Ralph Goodale's department relating to the multi-hundred million dollar Income Trust debable.
Now, the Globe and Mail has its own story on the issue. As I read it, I could not help but feel like the last sentence of the article did not belong. It seemed the closest thing to a personal opinion creeping in the story:

News of the criminal investigation comes in the middle of a federal election campaign in which opposition parties have tried to depict the Liberal government as corrupt and scandal-plagued.

Criminal investigations do not always lead to charges.

I mean, why would you even say that last sentence? It goes left unsaid, I think. The morale of the Globe: investigations do not equal guilt. As if Globe readers, thought to consist of very intelligent Canadians, can't infer that much already. And as most Canadians know all too well, most scandals don't lead to any charges either.


cardinal47 said...

The Election: Day 30

As Stephen Harper resumed campaigning over the past two days in British Columbia with major announcements pertaining to his defence platform and promises to increase the military presence in B.C., a couple of events occurred elsewhere which, if they snowball, could begin the unravelling of the Liberal campaign.

The first concerned the resignation of the executive vice president of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario). Mike Klander stepped aside after bloggers fanned controversy over tasteless remarks on Klander's blog about NDP candidate Olivia Chow.

Then this afternoon a letter from RCMP Commissioner Guiliano Zaccardelli to NDP finance critic Judy Wasylycia-Leis confirmed that the RCMP has launched a criminal investigation into the release of information by the Department of Finance, related to a government announcement on taxation of income trusts. Earlier information posted on various blogs and carried in the mainstream media had indicated that information about the Finance Minister's pending announcement that income trusts would not be taxed and certain dividends given favourable tax treatment had been leaked to insiders who drove up trading in these stocks earlier that day. There was every indication that some individuals had profited substantially as a result of leaks from the Minister's office or the Department of Finance.

Earlier when these allegations surfaced the government had dismissed them as baseless. Today's announcement by the RCMP Commissioner that a criminal investigation is being launched led to renewed calls for Minister Goodale to step down pending the results of the investigation. In an interview with Peter Mansbridge on the National, Ralph Goodale denied any wrongdoing and rejected calls for his resignation. Despite persistent questioning by Mansbridge on why Goodale would not follow precedent and step aside while the investigation is underway, Goodale stuck to the line that the RCMP "have said they are looking into this matter because of the seriousness of the allegation. They have, at the same time, said they have no information, no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of anyone - most particularly on my part - and quite frankly if I were to resign under those circumstances I believe I would only feed allegations that are out there in the context of a very political situation."

The NDP and Conservative Leader Harper have both called for Goodale's resignation. Already comparisons are being made to ADSCAM. The RCMP investigation could not have come at a worse time for the Liberals. These new allegations, which have warranted a criminal investigation, set the scene for a renewed focus on the Quebec advertising scandal as the campaign enters the second phase post-Xmas.

Will this derail the Liberal plans for the second phase of the campaign? Will the Opposition parties be able to build on this to seize the momentum in the days ahead? Stay tuned.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Finally some action on this most criminal of actions.

Why didn't Ralph Stewart initiate the investigation himself if he is so innocent?

The evidence is overwhelming.
Here is an article into the Canadian Markets as a whole and just how corrupt our market system is and biased towards Ontario's Liberal empire.

Just one more example of the Liberals culture of entitlement and Dithering ways under Mr Dithers!