Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Globe and Mail/CTV Canada election poll

This Strategic Counsel/Globe and Mail poll uncovers some interesting data. It says that outside of Quebec, the Conservatives and Liberals are tied at 37%. This jives with the new MacLeans poll of a horserace between Conservatives and Liberals, at 37% and 40% respectively.

Let me be the first to say that excessive poll speculation is getting out of control I gather. Every day, Allen Gregg is in the Globe analysing polling numbers. In other papers, much of the same really occurs. But he should know better than merely editorializing every percentage point fluctuation that occurs in the polls. Take this latest story for example:
"Canadians look at two extremely flawed leaders and hold their nose."
For one, I honestly don't know where he is getting this. Canadians are not dumb enough to think that you actually vote for the leader of a party. That is American politics. Sure, leaders do affect people's perceptions of the party. But so what? Around 40 percent of people outside of Quebec are willing to vote for each of them. They can't be that bad.

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