Thursday, December 29, 2005

Liberal's Goodale Income Scandal hits the blogs

Once again, blogs are saying what other people, except maybe the media, are thinking. Political Staples notices the absurdity of self-accountability in this post: " All that an examination does is show that you are worried that there might some evidence, somewhere, that might implicate you."

You can watch the now-infamous Mansbridge/Goodale interview here.

Small Dead Animals has this: "Ralph is on local radio right now, repeating his assertions that he investigated himself to his own satisfaction. He sounds more than a little rattled."

Even Calgary Grit notices is pathetic CBC performance: "Watching Ralph Goodale on The National tonight was...almost sad."


Paul Martin is coming out this morning defending Goodale: "I have complete confidence in Ralph Goodale."

Will the electorate?

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