Friday, December 30, 2005

Paul Martin, the Christian multi-fideist

Paul Martin is being all things to all people this week. He has been hitting up the religious group during these "holidays." Holidays used to be known as "holy days." And this time of year, it is pretty clear that the Judeo-Christian tradition is front and centre.

As for Paul Martin, the devout Roman Catholic, he has been seen in every religious venue but a Church. A Church would be a natural place to visit, this being the Christmas season and given Martin's personal Catholic beliefs. You could say I find this religious venue hopping a bit odd, considering how Martin seems to have ignored the Church.




As you can see, the closest Martin got to a cross this Christmas season was the one on top of the tree you see in this picture below. OH, and did I mention that the Christmas tree was in a deli?

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