Thursday, December 01, 2005

Prosecute this

Some have been saying that this independent prosecutor is a bad idea:
The idea is not only dumb policy, it is also dumb politics. In Quebec, the feds seizing control of provincial jurisdiction is headline material for separatist campaign literature.
Come on. Can't he do better than that? Obviously there are jurisdictional concerns if this office was ever implemented. So what. It's almost like saying the Federal government has no de facto control over health care, which is not true - it even has a cabinet minister devoted to health. There is a simple solution people are overlooking: the federal government could work with provinces to ensure that there is an independent prosecutor in every province. It would not be coercion; it would be a joint venture. BC, for instance, already does this.

Offices in every province dedicated to looking over the federal government seems about right to me. I hope Paul Wells doesn't buy into this attack either. It's a campaign of ideas for goodness sakes, not a logistics convention.

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