Thursday, January 19, 2006

Allegations of sabotage

Global has picked up the Liberal possible-defamation story:
"Vellacott calls the allegations of the 'worst order,' but to be expected from a Liberal campaign in its 'dying days.'

And it is typical of the Liberal campaign on a national basis.

'This is the kind of dirty tricks they are up to,' he said. 'They will try to malign people’s good character, people’s good name and reputation all to the end of winning an electoral seat. And I don’t play that way.'

The 'scurrilous' behaviour must be responded to, he added. 'I anticipate to be in public life for some years down the road and I will not allow this kind of defamatory stuff (to) happen in my name and in my reputation, for the sake of our campaign team, for the sake of staff members, for the sake of my precious wife, my two married children, and my two young boys,' Vellacott said. 'I will not tolerate that kind of stuff.'

In a press release issued late Thursday Axworthy called the comments deplorable and offered his heartfelt apologies to Vellacott.

He also pointed to the heavy traffic around his campaign office and said it is possible that a 'mischief maker' entered the office and used one of its phones."

How can we trust an MP who can't even protect his office to protect the public's trust in office? Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything else that's going to hit the Liberal campaign? When things go bad they go bad.

Can you believe the meltdown of the Liberal Party? It could get much worse for Martin according to this link.

Martin's Resignation Prediction

Erik Sorenson said...

For the Liberals, it's never their failt. Always "somebody" else's.