Sunday, January 22, 2006 A word about tonight

Andrew Coyne, on the art of maintaining the integrity of the Canada Elections Act as it relates to restricting the distribution of early poll results from Atlantic Canada:
"We will need, then, to maintain a voluntary blackout until all the polls have closed. It shouldn't be too long: staggered voting hours mean the polls close in most parts of the country at the same time -- 9:30 pm EST. The exceptions are Newfoundland (7:00 pm EST), Atlantic Canada (7:30 pm EST) and British Columbia (10:00 pm EST -- thanks to DM for the correct times.) Three hours, then.

Mind you, while we're waiting for the polls to close in B.C., there doesn't seem any harm in passing the time speculating on the results of some future election, or perhaps warming up for the real thing by pretending to report the results from some election in a foreign or imaginary land, quite unlike our own, with completely different parties and completely different electoral districts.

But as for the results of this election: mum's the word."


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