Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Canada Election 2006: Exclusive!!

sortThere is no exclusive anymore. Read the 1997 Liberal platform here. And the 2004 one here. And the 2006 one here.

UPDATE: check out these PRIVATE documents on the Liberal web site. A lot of them are handwritten and very personal. Check it out. Let me know if they contain anything interesting. My internet connection right now is too slow to view them all.

They look like departmental audit documents or something. What are these governmental documents doing on the LIBERAL website anyway? Doesn't it re-enforce the image of a party which is too cozy with the bureaucracy???

ALSO check this out: a Confidential analysis/ forensic accounting of cash contributions in Quebec


Ed said...

Jonathan, look at the "created" date on that pdf. June 2, 2004.

The Observer said...

Never mind that, check out the conclusion of the conclusion, page 55.

"Give us your vote on June 28. We’ll get the job done."

And look at the list of bills on p 13-14. These are all from the last session of the 37th Parliament.

What you've uncovered is the platform from the last election.

Greg P said...

Plus, there isn't any mention of things like their "50/50" plan - this seems like an old platform document.