Thursday, January 19, 2006

Canada Election 2006: Liberals libel Conservative candidate!

This just in. The story I doubt the mainstream media will pick up (but should):
Tuesday night on Shaw Cable, a caller phoned in falsely accusing front-runner Conservative incumbent MP Maurice Vellacott of sexually assaulting his church secretary at North Park Church. The technicians who have no 7 second delay cut the call off. Vellacott responded quickly by looking directly into the camera, stating to the technicians that he needed to get the name and phone number of that caller for defamation proceedings.

After the cable show ended, Vellacott was handed the requested phone number by Shaw Cable producer Gracie Field. Upon arrival back at his campaign office he was told that a person had reported in and was 100% confident that it was the voice of George Laliberte. The caller maliciously and falsely accused Vellacott of being “removed from North Park Church because you were charged with sexual assault” on his church secretary. Laliberte is a friend of Chris Axworthy’s and apparently owes Axworthy some favours. When the ... number provided by the Shaw Cable staff member was dialed, it was found to be Chris Axworthy’s campaign office phone number.

Note that
Vellacott has never been accused by any woman of sexual assault and was never a Pastor at North Park Church or ever in attendance there.
UPDATE: Nealenews is picking this is LifeSite.

POST-UPDATE: Andrew Coyne has more on this.


Lois said...

I'm amazed this happened on Tuesday - how come I didn't hear about it sooner??? I'm surprised it's not spreading faster - it's a great news story.


saskatoonscanner said...

I just heard it on Countdown with Mike Duffy on CTV Newsnet. Is that mainstream media or just an off-shot from the mainstream. Oh well, it doesn't matter now. Welcome to the NEW MAINSTREAM:

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