Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Canadian election carnival

Take that Jeffrey Simpson: the RCMP are damned if they do, damned if they don't (

Why my head is in the clouds: Liberal blogger (oops, Liblogger) Jason Cherniak believes in partisanship at all costs (

Paul Wells reckoned Paul Martin's announcement would be "interesting." Sorry folks. Martin was just talking about water (Inkless Wells). Greg Staples thinks that Paul Martin looks like he has just woken up 5 minutes before the speech (Political Staples).

I can't read any of it, but here is the Bloc Quebecois blog.

CTV has some
behind the scenes photos of the election.

It looks like those attack ads have stopping being the news itself. Instead, the polls are the news itself. Speaking of polls, the new IPSOS poll shows the Conservatives with a 50 seat advantage. If you are a Rhinocerosparty supporter, ouch.

Speaking of polls, this latest controversy can't help the Liberals. Or Pierre Pettigrew for that matter.

Is Harper a changed man? That is what the Toronto Sun asks. Speaking of changs, read the latest Globe and Mail editorial. Are they actually complementing Harper's Conservatives? This bold fellow deserves a lot of complement. He saved a drowning person's life.

I suspected as much. Here is proof that the Conservative tax plan has not been fully released ("The Tories have also said that their own tax package has not yet been fully announced."). For those that are wishing (cough, Andrew Coyne), the Tories would cut income taxes, take note. It is not surprising, since the Conservatives (and its former predecessors) have been strong on tax cuts for years.

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