Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Conservative juggernaut will crush Canada's ruling Liberals; Martin about to be tossed salad

Telegraph | News | Conservative juggernaut will crush Canada's ruling Liberals, polls predict:
"Amid growing signals of panic in the Liberal ranks, the party has launched a series of crudely anti-American commercials. One stated that victory for the 47-year-old Tory leader, Stephen Harper, would 'bring a smile to George W Bush's face'.

Another described Mr Harper as 'pro-Iraqi war, anti-Kyoto, socially conservative... Bush's new best friend'.

But despite strong anti-Americanism among voters, the adverts have had little effect on the polls. Voters appear far more concerned about domestic issues such as corruption. The Conservatives have already promised not to send troops to Iraq.

Liberal sources have begun briefing journalists about widespread internal dissent. One Liberal told the Toronto Star that Mr Martin, in office since December 2003, would pay the price for a failed campaign.

'He'll be out of here on election night,' he told the paper."

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