Thursday, January 05, 2006

CTV Election 2006 - Paul Martin campaign on the ropes? - Election 2006, Correspondent Robert Fife:

"When we arrived in Calgary tonight, all our BlackBerries went off, and all the journalists who are paying $10,000 a week were furious.

"Scott Reid (Martin's director of communications) had to come to the back of the plane and he got a tongue-lashing from the journalists who wondered why we're covering this campaign when we could sit in Ottawa and wait for the leaks to come out.

"This is really quite a serious setback for the Liberals because a) it shows they can't run a campaign properly, and secondly, it shows a huge announcement, a big, important announcement on education that the prime minister was going to use has been upstaged by a leak from the Liberals."

Asked what that said about the famous Liberal Party discipline, Fife said: "Well, there is no 'famous Liberal Party discipline' on this campaign. It has been one series of disasters after another, starting from on Monday where he (Martin) went to a bagel shop on a day when the campaign was supposed to start with something serious and positive. And then he gave a scrum outside a bus -- it was so strange to see him doing that with Harper, in contrast, looking so prime ministerial when he was making announcements on Monday.

"And it's been like this through the whole thing -- although he's obviously being dogged, obviously, by the income trust scandal, which is casting a real pall over this campaign. It's sort of like you're feeling like an Irish poet in a dark bar on this plane."


MAW said...

In election parlance it's called the 'dead zone'. Stephen King would be proud at this self-induced turn of events for the Paul Martin Liberals.

Especially the political conduct of Scott Reid and John Duffy in accordance with their bosses at Earnscliffe, et al.

Dead men walking, one and all.

Anonymous said...

Paul Martin is the boss's kid. It shows. He's a total screw-up who has had his hand held all through his career. He's surrounded himself with dummies and yes men.

Anonymous said...

Read Bourque's comment on Fife's whining about leaks coming out before the mainstream press gets wind of happens first on the Internet....get used to it

Anonymous said...

These reporters are just choked because here they are stuck travelling everywhere Paul goes, and he's only using them for photo ops.

You see for any candidate all the power in how you are covered goes to the reporters who cover you. If you get the feeling that those reporters arent telling the right story and that they want to tell another story, what option do you have?

Leaks from central to someone who will run it, so you HAVE to run it.

My bets are that these guys on the plane pissed off the leadership circle because they were writing stories with a bad slant and downplaying their key issues. Probably something along the lines of "look how tired he is fighting this uphill battle" and Martin's team would rather the "standing tall in the face of Conservative smear tactics".

$10 grand or not, these reporters are there to say what the fearless leader they paid to follow is saying. You dont play the game that way, and you dont get the juicy stories that put you on the front page and on the 6 oclock news.

Playball, Fife!

Jonathan said...

I will only say that it is generally not the best move to piss off the reporters who cover you. They might - just might - bite back.

Perhaps a case in point is how today the Tory's crime agenda topped the news today on CBC and CTV, as opposed to Martin's education plan.