Thursday, January 12, 2006

Election 2006: Truth and Propoganda

There is a growing disconnect from the Prime Minister and his candidates. To demonstrate, we ask you to determine here - what is truth and which is propoganda?

In an interview Thursday morning on CTV's Canada AM, Martin said he approved every one of the harshly critical ads -- including one that suggested the Tory Leader would use the military to occupy Canadian cities.
-- Paul Martin, Jan. 12


On Wednesday night, Liberal incumbent Keith Martin apologized at an all-candidates debate in the Victoria suburb of Colwood. He told the crowd the ad was a gross error that does not represent the Liberals' view of the military. He said the ad was one of a series of 12 and it should never have been released.

"Some idiot went and sent it out with the other 11 ads, and it was never sanctioned by the party, never approved, and we are completely appalled that this went out. We apologize to the men and women in the uniform," he said.

They can't both be right.

You decide: who is being more sincere? Spin the bottle. Spin it faster; who might it point to? Not even fate knows.

UPDATE: Ralph Goodale is denying the ads were approved.

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Anonymous said...

Jonathan: Check out smalldeadanimals; apparaently Goodale is also saying that the ad wasnt approved by the Liberal party.