Friday, January 06, 2006

Election Canada: Conservatives take momentum

The numbers continue to be shocking: in the latest Strategic Poll, Conservatives are ahead by two points. But even more shocking is the perceived momentum:
  • Conservatives: 45 per cent (+22)
  • Liberals: 17 per cent (-16)
  • NDP: 8 per cent (-2)
  • Bloc Quebecois: 6 per cent (-3)
  • Greens: 2 per cent (unchanged)
The gap between the Tories and Grits is almost 30 percent. 30 percent! That is more than any comparable gap this campaign.

The latest EKOS poll shows the Tories also have a lead: this time only a 4 point one.

The debate could solidify Harper's lead and possible Tory government. The big question is: will these numbers continue to hold? Or will it crumble?

Given the number of investigations into the Liberals and noticable lack of ideas and trustability, one has to wonder whether the Liberals are down for the count.

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