Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Globe and Mail: Campaign gets nastier as Harper swings at Martin

The Globe and Mail: Campaign gets nastier as Harper swings at Martin

"The fact is Mr. Martin lived a good deal of his professional life under the flags of other countries and Mr. Martin constantly tried — and was successful, I gather — at avoiding paying taxes in Canada. That's the record," says Stephen Harper.

It will be interesting to see the Liberal response to this accusation. And no, I don't mean these responses on the Globe and Mail website from Liberal members...I mean the lines that Martin's advisors give Paul Martin. I suspect Martin will ignore the accusations as much as he can. If I were Duceppe, Layton, and especially Harper, the debate is a perfect place to attack Martin on the subject of tax evasion. I am not saying that it was wrong or immoral of Martin to move his assets off shore. But it sure isn't easy to defend such a decision when you are a prime minister - "if you know taxes are too high in Canada to leave your assets here, why aren't you doing anything about it?" is the question I have.

PS: Speaking of those Globe and Mail comments, I would say that they are a good idea in theory. Like a blog, comments are a good thing. But reading them after I read the news article is like going from polish to poison. Typically they are ridiculously partisan and combative. Thankfully, we don't have that problem at the Pew. But if we did, I suspect we might utilize a little thing called moderation, something that probably ought to take place on the Globe news pages.

PPS: ...still waiting for the campaign to get 'nasty.'

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Anonymous said...

Indeed; P.M. Martin has much experience in the area of "tax planning" as evidenced by this article and
through the assistance he gave "the Canadian family" allowed to move millions out of Canada, tax free !
He was the Minister of Finance at the time. This after many top level secret meetings within the ministry.

A regular Canadian citizen would have been crushed.