Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The last respectable prejudice

It is amusing taking cues from a loser. More specifically, Mark Marissen, the co-chair of the the Liberal Party's BC campaign for 2006, has an article in the Vancouver Sun today which muses about which BC MP will become the champion for BC. Marissen writes

Who will become B.C.'s champions under Stephen Harper?

Twenty-nine-year-old James Moore is a rising star. Chuck Strahl can be a great advocate. But Stockwell Day? Give us a break. He still believes that dinosaurs co-existed with humans.

The power shift is inevitably going eastward to Alberta.

Forgive me a second for gagging all over the keyboard. This kind of talk hardly belongs in prime space in a respectable newspaper "ideas" section. Why? Because it is a vile prejudice that has nothing to do with his argument. It is an ad hominem of the most elementary degree. Instead of attacking Stockwell Day's credentials, he attacks a belief irrelevant to his qualifications.

It is almost as dismissive as saying that William Mackenzie King could never have led Canada through decades of rule because he communicated to his dead dog. Ooops. It happened. Despite their archiac beliefs. I am sure most of Canada's first Prime Ministers would have been in agreement with Day on that particular issue. None of which was adversely affected by such a belief.

All this to say....why is it simply okay to go out of one's way to mock their Christian beliefs? Would anyone newspaper in Canada mock a Muslim for his/her beliefs on Mohammad? I think not.

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