Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Liberal Party of Canada -

Liberal Party of Canada - Blog Boy (Paul Martin's Speechwriter):
"January 11th - Day Forty-Four : 'Daddy, What's a Margin of Error?'

11:31 AM - Homefront update: I've acquired more information about the troubling events of this morning. It's worse than I feared. Before the campaign started, James and his little brother Will, who is four, would begin each day with a bowl of cereal and the sports section of the Ottawa Citizen. Now, apparently, it's straight to the election coverage in the Globe. They even know who is Hot and who is Not. 'Well, James just asked me a million questions,' my wife informs. 'How did Paul Martin get to be leader? Why do they call the Conservatives the Tories? Where do they get these poll numbers? How come the Liberals were ahead and now they are not? Will Paul Martin still be leader if they lose the election?' Hmm, these questions are getting a little uncomfortable. THIS NEWS CONFERENCE IS OVER!!"

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