Thursday, January 19, 2006

Martin fumbles Canada's Supreme Court

In the midst of a stunning display of stupidity.... Just when I thought I saw the depths of 'Martin's' stupidity.....I was shocked yet again.

The new issue? The courts.

Topic of dicussion? Political appointments.

Sorry Martin, but you don't have the 'best' track record when it comes to any kind of appointments...

Cronyism is a word which has splattered Martin's "division of powers" policy (if you can call it that) since the first day he stepped into office. The roots go deep for Martin; considering his predecessor (Cretien) his struggle is of no suprise (he learned from the best).

Even some Law professors decry Supreme Court appointments--made by Liberal governments--as being politically (or at least ideologically) motivated.

'[Martin] accused Harper of planning to stack the courts with socially conservative judges if he wins. He said this is of particular concern to women, given that there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court[....Martin said:]"Given his comments, would Stephen Harper restrict his search to candidates who share his political views? Who agree that[...]judges are too socially activist?"'

Well goodness, I sure hope so!!!!

So, is Martin saying that he wants to appoint "socially active" judges?

It is funny that Martin is being contradictory: "I don't want judges who are going to force a socially conservative agenda" (i.e. be 'socially active' in a 'socially conservative way'). BUT simultaneously: "I don't want Stephen Harper to seek to rid the court of 'socially activist' judges......"

If Martin is confident that the decisions made by the court recently will stand the test of time, then he should not be concerned with Harper. Harper wants to rid the court of 'social activism' and make the appointment process more transparent and based on merit. Harper wants to take the power of Supreme Court appointment out of his hands and place it in a more public and democratic system (something Martin was unable to do--as evidenced by the laughability of his 'experimental' appointment system).

If Martin thinks the latest Supreme Court decisions are proper (in a modern liberal democracy, such as our own), then Harper's changes will only fortify those decisions! What a guy....

Lest we forget that it was the Conservative members on the 'vetting' committee (giving 'recommendations' for Supreme Court appointment candidates) who said that the opaqueness of the system hindered them from being able to render a recommendation.

Lest we forget that it is a part of the Conservative platform to reform the Senate (and other federally appointed bodies) to increase the openness and accountability in the appointment process--i.e. to avoid 'stacking the deck'.

Rather than try to scare the public into thinking that Harper will act too much like a Liberal (i.e. cronyism and political appointments), Martin should make sure that Harper does what he is promising to do: make the government accountable.

Once again it seems that Martin's accusations are completely unfounded.

But the most disturbing thing is not that Martin is continually being caught in contradictions, lies and nonsense in his campaign, but that he thinks Canadians are stupid enough to believe him.

.....What a guy.....

Written by Blair

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