Sunday, January 01, 2006

Minorities and crime

I have just discovered some very interesting facts regarding the Canadian correctional system:

  • "While Aboriginal people in Canada comprise approximately 3% of the Canadian adult population, they comprise 18% of the federal offender population (Trevethan, Moore & Rastin, 2002)."
  • "As illustrated in Figure 7, of those who are incarcerated, the most serious offence for which the largest proportion of visible minority offenders are incarcerated is robbery, followed by murder, drug-related offences and sexual offences."
  • "Differences also emerged between visible minority and Caucasian offenders in the most serious offence for which they are currently incarcerated. Visible minority offenders are incarcerated more often for drug-related offences than Caucasian offenders, but less often for other offences, such as property offences and sex-related offences."
Make of it all what you will. I will say that the statistics on aboriginals are astounding, though. Something must be done about this.

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