Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New negative Liberal ads

The new Liberal negative nuclear ads are out.

The Liberals attack the Conservatives, saying "Harper is pro-Iraq war, anti-Kyoto and socially conservative."

Is this supposed to scare people back into the Liberal camp? After all,

1. Martin is on record supporting the Iraq war
2. Martin's environmental record shows that America has done better than Canada in reducing emissions singled out by Kyoto.
3. Martin's proposal of removing the notwithstanding clause is as American as one can get. It sure isn't conservative, but it is certainly a move that would make us more like America in terms of values - even though Martin praises himself as the champion of Canadian values.

Have the Liberals nothing better to say? Are you scared of Harper yet? Another bomb, I suspect, blowing up in Martin's face. Actually, its probably closer to a nosedive.

Layton had it right: "[Martin's] electioneering. He will say anything to get elected."

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