Saturday, January 21, 2006 - Bet on Tory minority

Here is your daily crack, provided by EKOS:
"Nationally, the Tories enjoy the support of 37.1 per cent of decided voters compared with 26.9 per cent for Paul Martin's Liberals, 19.5 per cent for the New Democrats of Jack Layton, 11.5 for the Bloc Québécois led by Gilles Duceppe and 4.6 for the Green Party led by Jim Harris. The undecided vote stood at 16 per cent."

In Ontario, home to 106 seats and the Liberals' electoral stronghold since 1993, the Tories are in a statistical dead heat with the governing party.EKOS interviewed 967 people in Ontario and found 35.8 per cent support for the Tories, 33.4 for the Liberals, 24.3 for the NDP, and 6.3 per cent for the Greens.The percentage of undecided was 14.3. The results are considered accurate to within 3.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.
And here is IPSOS:
PC 38% Lib 26% NDP 19% Bloc 11% Green 5%
Strategic Counsel:
  • Conservatives: 38 (+1)
  • Liberals: 28 (same)
  • NDP: 17 (+1)
  • Bloc: 11 (same)
  • Green: 7 (same)
With any luck, I should have seat projections out today once IPSOS, Strategic Counsel, and EKOS release their regional tables. Stay tuned.


Blair said...

It is amazing how much movement forward the Conservatives have made this campaign. As a conservative supporter I hope that the popular vote converts favourably into Parliamentary seats.

You know what would frustrate the begeebers out of me? If on election day people forget the past year and a bit and re-elect a Liberal government. If that happened I would seriously consider buying an airplane and crashing it on a remote island (somewhere warm) so that I wouldn't have to put up with any more silliness...

Here's hoping....

Jonathan said...

You are so right. It is at the point where fustration may warrant abandonment. Cheers to hope.

And as far as how amazing the movement the Conservative have made during this campaign....I am still in a relative state of shock that there could be a change in government. After so many years of feeling like the opposition, it could finally be the time where the West actually gets what it wants - IN.